Happy new month y’all ! It’s nearly 2017 guys, like the year has gone by so fast I can’t even (literally).  I am looking forward to a sunny September and I figured I’d kickstart the month with a burst of colour!

The concept of cool can only be described in one word-LEATHER!!  Thanks so much Harley Davidson for selling the first leather piece… Although they cost quite a pretty penny, a good leather jacket is a great investment as it can soar you through a decade …(no joke)

A black leather jacket is a good start for your wardrobe but after a while , you’re going to need an upgrade. Summer is the time for incorporating brightly coloured picks like pink and nude and this mustard jacket has been trending all season, enough to make me want to have my own piece.( yeah I robbed it off my sister)

I wouldn’t say yellow is my favourite colour, but quite frankly , this Zara gem is to die!! I mean , just wearing it makes me want to tear up.

If you aren’t ready to seize the moment with this baby, go for pink or baby blue, they are neutral colours and would be easy to wear with almost anything in your wardrobe.

I really love the way the mustard brings out my skin tone …I think it’d go well with any skin tone , but I was a bit scared with this colour choice because I haven’t been that ballzy. After wearing this, I got bold enough to explore other options so get ready for more colour popping.

By now, it’s a bit clear with my love for some leg stardom, so of course I went for these floral shorts, in the spirits of summer. Since the mustard already did me some justice ( and my legs of course). I went for a neutral accent piece . I love this black top that has this boho vibe that I’m all about.

Well you can clearly tell that I do not give two hoots about following the weather forecasts, because it literally begun to pour immediately my sister took this shot.(it was still sunny all day though ) . But you know what, life is too short to follow boring rules .

Flip flops are my number one go to when it comes to comfort, so I went for these green pair that I again casually borrowed , this time from my mom’s closet. (I’m not about to return them FYI )

You could pair this jacket with many other looks like blue jeans and a white tank, skirts, throw it over a nice cute dress, I could go on and on. I went for this ‘kyondo’ bag as an accessory because it’s just the one.

This leather jacket is a major plus in your wardrobe so you better start saving up girl!
I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly ,stay safe.


 Sincerely, Didi

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