Hope you’re all doing well considering this untimely cold onset…

Being a lady does have it perks , there is so much to choose from our men’s closet , I mean I borrow coats and hats from my dad all the time !


Every guys’ fear is the dreaded sleepover where your girl would prolly borrow all your favourite hoodies, shirts , sweats , new knickers … I could go on and on!

One thing I love love from our stems are the blazers and jeans and since most of our men are either bigger than us or similar & we can’t all fit in the heavenly closet , so why not bring the closet to us?


I am very thankful for the invention of boyfriend jeans and sleeveless Blazers , the perfect mix to blend into his closet without really robbing him of his favourite pieces or looking like a sloppy mess in over-sized everything. (you’re welcome )

Boyfriend jeans being so relaxed and chic and a closet staple for any denim lover’s closet, but can be a little hard to pull off when you don’t know what works best for you.

Sleeveless blazers can be dressed up or down easily and I was going do a smart casual look.
I wore this black sleeveless blazer with a grey tee because grey is a neutral colour that is easy to pair. You could go for other neutral Blazers like nude , cream, white , pink or blue  and mix them up with different accent pieces.


For the boyfriend jeans , I went for these blue picks that can be smart but still casual and fun. I love blue because it is the mother of all denim, and a closet staple for all kinds of jeans, be it boyfriend or skinny jeans .


You could pair the whole look with nice flat shoes , sneakers but for a more classic chic vibe, I opted for these black ankle cut heels.


This look would be ideal for a simple date , a good old Friday at work, some Saturday of running errands (of-course switch the shoes for some sneakers in that case) -the possibilities are endless!


For the hair, I went for a messy and quick bun because wearing my hair done would just be so much for the look already.

Accessorize with your jewelry pieces from the rings , necklaces and bags.
I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more , but most importantly, stay safe!


  Sincerely, Didi


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