Off-the shoulder

Off-the shoulder

Happy new month!!

Okay, I have to admit it, since the birth of this off-shoulder trend that has been spotted on several runways, I was really torn between getting myself one of these pieces that are to die and saving up. When it comes to shopping though, sometimes I can fall off the ‘savings’ wagon.


One thing I’ve learnt is that trends are there for a reason, but you shouldn’t really overdo it. But if it is a piece that you really really love, then why not? Do not beat up yourself about it.Go ahead !Go ahead girl!  ( insert Selena’s voice)


I was really looking for an off-shoulder top for quite a while, and I came across this amazing and affordable orange stand out piece at MRP and I just closed my eyes and dug for my pocket, so now here we are.


I see no reason to say no to off shoulder tops..I mean, COLLAR BONE!!! So grab yourself a pair ranging from the waterfall ruffles top ,the oversized or cut out sleeves. I think off shoulders have moved from being a trend to a proper wardrobe essential. Imagine the colours and designs you could pick from…


I was really excited to put up this look because the sun was shining and It was about that time to expose my shoulders to some vitamin D. I went for this pair of knee length shorts that I cut out from some old pair of jeans. I really love the blending from the shade of blue with the orange top.


You could pair your off shoulder with some skinnies, some ripped jeans, some vintage jeans or even culottes and skirts. I really love the hint of the back riff from the top , its a bit casual but with some edge . Would be nice for a picnic date, when you want to be fun and girly, but still have that intoxicating vibe.


For the shoes, I was going for comfort when I picked these flip flops,another closet staple you should have. I see myself in maxis and flip flops, shorts, jeans, you name it! They literally go with anything especially with this summer vibe coming our way.

img_1550  Another reason I fell in love with this piece is the boho-detail all around the collar. How cute are they? Do not forget to accesories with some jewellery and nice nails. I went for this necklace because of the detail, but you could rock the look soley because the collar bone can speak for itself.  I added a hint of African embroidery with this ‘kiondo’ bag that I borrowed from my mom.


I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe!


  Sincerely, Didi





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