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Rebel,rebellious,unruly,unamenable to something, unwilling to do. The beauty in vocabulary, is the birth of newer vocabs with deeper meanings. I was actually inspired by Rihanna’s overall aura in this theme and her lotion line , “Rebelle” All that time It was right before me, each morning as I applied the heavenly spellbound skin lotion… I’m …


DIY shorts 

Hey hey hey!! There is something about Monday’s that I love… Or maybe it’s the hope that I will actually kickstart my week with goals and aspirations and actually completing them before the dawn of the weekend fever (that usually runs all week sadly) ,  then the cycle starts over again.  This time it will …



Hey hey hey!! Okay I’m getting really confused with these weather changes, & better way to go about these hot and cold onsets than with the sleevless faux fur? I have to admit it though , there’s something about wearing a fluffy- furry jacket that leaves you feeling like a million bucks! For one thing …