We’re all about the Nairobi winter right now and there’s nothing more comfier than cozying up in big, soft sweaters or some nice dreamy arms for that matter..

 Those cozy weekends lying around the house watching endless series and cuddles shouldn’t hold the rights to your chunky good old knits. It’s time to give those babies some credit.The thing about this cold weather , is that it’s important to wear clothing that’s fitted . It won’t make sense to opt for loose fit that will let the chill penetrate and leave you feeling  cold and also fitted clothes are just my fav because I mean… Why not?

Because of the dull weather, go for brightly colored knits to add that sunshine to the dullness of the weather. For this knit that literally swoops till my knees, I didn’t want that grandpa-hand me down look so I folded the side, for that cozy chic look .

Though the knee length sweater can work well with some tights and nice jeans, I figured I’d save it for another rainy day.I love the diversity of over sized knits and endless outfit ideas that you could pick from by mixing them with skirts and even dresses.. Stay tuned for     that…

I added this floral scarf because the cold can cause quite havoc to my ears which is why I also had my hair down to keep them warm. The scarf brings that girly vibe, and my fly away hair swoops in with a little touch of messy but in the right portion. You could play around with different types of scarves as well to break monotony like the plain light scarves or chunky woolen ones.

I paired my sweater with these back skinnies and opted for my black ankle boots that I hold close to my heart because 1. They are so cute 2. They cost me a precious dime 3. Nothing screams comfort like knits and booties . To show off the nice cut of the boots, roll up your jeans or tuck them I and this works well especially if they’re high heeled.

Okay quite frankly I despise those kitten ankle boots that seem to be making appearances whenever I stroll around in town . No offense ladies but how do yo feel the need to be off the ground by 0.01 inches? A better opt would be these amazing knee length boots that are soon going to be part of my collection so again, stay tuned ..

 Mix and match your different kinds of knits and don’t be afraid to go for the bike opts like pink and yellow, they can work well with the perfect bottoms . I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more ,but most importantly , stay safe!


   Sincerely, Didi


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