Okay, I assume you’ve got you’re July wardrobe ready by now, or else the weather will certainly find you out …


Well the start of the month begun on a sunny note, but over the past week, there has been drastic changes in the weather onsets, so you better keep warm.Funny enough, I do thrive in the cold season, and most of my days entail a warm cup of tea, curled up in bed , thoughts penned in my journal, following a marathon of Grey’s anatomy ..


There are so many picks to choose from faux,leather, knits and coats. Cosy knits are what you really ,really what you need right now. For a casual day at school, you can throw in your over-sized sweater with jeans and boots, flats or any other foot wear that you deem fit in.


Because of the strong winds, its only fair that you layer up your chest with a good old blanket scarf of your choice. I have grown fond of this piece i got from the local ‘gikomba’  a couple months back preparing myself for this cold season.


I went for this orange knit and paired it up with these warm cotton leggings. Ladies its high time we be weather practical by leaving  those tanks and shorts and stay warm with a hint of style. I decided to wear these black sneakers because they are easy to pair and they are very comfortable.

didi 080.JPG

You can use the scarf as an accessory by going for a much lighter scarf but pair it with a warmer knit. I really am getting the hang of scarves this season, and I’m working on adding a trench to my July collection.


It has been so long since I had my hair down, so I parted it and rocked the afro-bob. I am so thankful for my thick hair because it serves as a good beanie to cover my ears when its cold.


I hope you’ve learned a few pointers on how to dress this cold season!! Do stay tuned for more blog  posts, stay warm and most importantly, stay safe.


      Sincerely, Didi

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