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Ethiopia,located in the Horn of Africa known for the most beautiful Semitic and Cushitic Africans who are rich in diversity and their existence excites me purely because it is believed that it was home to the Queen of Sheba (sumn like shebbba! ) 

Having the most beautiful beings, it is also known to be the second largest population in Africa. I mean I totally understand this, why have one chocolate or light skinned baby with gorgeous eyes and amazing curly hair when you can have seven pretty little things to hold or a modearly in your heart? 

I simply love how their culture has not been eroded by still cherishing their traditional clothing that intrigues almost everyone with the beautiful patterns and soft feel.The women’s traditional clothes are often made from a cloth called Shemma, and the dresses are called habesha Kemis.  Usually in cotton material,it is woven in long stripe which are sewn together. Sometimes, they weave shiny threads into the fabric for that elegant feel. 

My favorite attire is the men’s wear. They wear pants and a knee length shirt with a white collar paired with sweaters or shoals.Today, many designers combine traditional fabric with a touch of colour and sass for a more modern look.Usually,the women cover their heads with a shash ,a cloth tied at the neck. They wear these depending on occasions or during church .In our case, we blended the traditional and modern feel to the look.

I paired this orange cotton top that gives a little side action as it only has one button on the neck, with my ripped jeans for the modern Ethiopian girl. 

For the shoes, I opted for my black ankle boots that are so comfortable and seeming,go with almost anything , but a nice pair of flats could do just the trick.

Alexis on the other hand went for the traditional white long sleeved dress-top with embroider motif on the front, and it worked well with her style. For the trendy habesha babe that she is, she opted for blue skinnies and paired the look with these vintage block shoes. This dress top can easily be worn just like that if the length deems fit, but if your not afraid of some leg action, you might as well just do it. You could also go for some black tights for a more traditional feel.See how amazing this looks?? 

The tradition colors of Ethiopia bring so much vibrancy to an outfit. I most especially love the men’s wear. They do have that rasta-fari feel and the shirts can be paired with shorts or jeans.After having the pleasure of learning so much about their culture, I must say I was very intrigued with the vast collection of scents they have to offer when it comes to fragrances, their food,and the beauty of the people.

 Quite frankly, this beautiful nation has to be a must see in your travels bucket list… It’s hella part of mine for sure! You cannot mention  Ethiopia without having their spongy sourdough flat bread known as Injera which serves as the spoon for lentils,bean, meat and veggie sauces piled on top! Be sure to visit their restaurants  as you try out new eateries & if you have taste buds and an appetite like mine, you will not be disappointed!Special thanks go to Koki designs for these majestic pieces !

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do stay tuned for more,but most importantly, stay safe!

     Sincerely, Didi

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