Happy new month to everybody!

The smile on my face tells it all! July seconds my favorite month of the year after May (birthmonth) or is it Decemeber? I really can’t seem to put a finger on it … This is solely because there are so many birthdays in line running from my dad then comes my parent’s 31st wedding anniversary …

Despite the forthcoming celebrations,I know how most people dread July because of the never ending cold spell so you better brace yourselves … Winter is coming ( hah! Pun intended ) Personally I seem to thrive in the cold season … I enjoy feeling the cool breeze on my face and  dressing in semi -warm attires because we all know how it can get so cold in the morning then blazing hot in the afternoon .

Although the new month begun with quite the wave , don’t be fooled . This season is all about keeping warm than being stylish. But who says you can’t do both ? Since July hasn’t really shown its true self ,you can prepare yourself by getting more long sleeved shirts, knits, socks , boots and style it up.

For a casual not so chilly day, I’d opt for a pair of skinnies , and turtle neck top. Well this specific one is cotton,very light but can keep you warm enough to go through the day. Since the cold season bears shorter days , you can get away with blouses though you can throw in a floral scarf or blanket shoal if you have a sensitive chest when it comes to your health .

If the sun decides to make an appearance in the day, up your   eyewear game with these sick rainbow sunglasses, the oversized sunglasses ,cat eye or my all time favs clear glasses.

Do not hesitate in accessorising this season in the name of wearing hoodies and sweats . Actually you can pair those and come up with an outfit that is to die!! Okay , back to accessories, you can go for loud jewellery if you are pairing your skirt or cotton dress or just normal skinnies with neutral turtle necks. You don’t want the whole outfit to scream now do you?? I went for this Maasai bracelet that has been lying around in the house for quite a while and I decided to take it out and let the world see its beauty.. I’d strongly advise you wear your leather strap watch because these metallic ones can really adapt to the cold atmosphere then you might just start catching chills …

Well for the shoes , you can go with what suits you best, be it boots or flats , just go with it. Taking these factors into consideration, you can keep warm this season with different fabrics ranging from tweed (the 70’s Classic material that  most coats had ),leather ,Fur,fleece and any other kind of knit wear .

I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe.


   Sincerely, Didi

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