Hey!hey!hey! We’re all about the Nairobi winter right now and there’s nothing more comfier than cozying up in big, soft sweaters or some nice dreamy arms for that matter..  Those cozy weekends lying around the house watching endless series and cuddles shouldn’t hold the rights to your chunky good old knits. It’s time to give Continue Reading


Okay, I assume you’ve got you’re July wardrobe ready by now, or else the weather will certainly find you out … Well the start of the month begun on a sunny note, but over the past week, there has been drastic changes in the weather onsets, so you better keep warm.Funny enough, I do thrive Continue Reading


Hey hey hey!!  Ethiopia,located in the Horn of Africa known for the most beautiful Semitic and Cushitic Africans who are rich in diversity and their existence excites me purely because it is believed that it was home to the Queen of Sheba (sumn like shebbba! )  Having the most beautiful beings, it is also known Continue Reading


Happy new month to everybody! The smile on my face tells it all! July seconds my favorite month of the year after May (birthmonth) or is it Decemeber? I really can’t seem to put a finger on it … This is solely because there are so many birthdays in line running from my dad then Continue Reading