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For the  past week, I’ve been on a roll with the hectic exams and gloomy weather that seemingly wasn’t working in my favour because I’d find myself  falling asleep while trying to brush through my books… but boy I’m I glad the week is over and what better way to finish off the week than with a good old sassy post?

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I’m a lover of life, and I don’t see the harm in spoiling yourself once in a while, so what  better way to have some lease than with some steady sipping with the girls and good music to accompany you as you sail through the night?

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With the cold chilly nights , finding a good outfit while going out can be a bit tricky. You don’t really have to dress all skimpy, unless your going out to freeze your you know what off!

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For starters, you can get away with showing a bare hint off your mid riff with a crop top or in this case, a bralette. When showing a bit of leg stardom, always make sure you at least have a trench coat or a nice shoal.

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Well the trick for a good night out for me is a good glass of wine or some nice heat emitter if you know what I mean.. The best drink that would keep you warm through the night without embarassing you in anyway would be the “red’s vodka lemon” that literally tastes like some punch made in heaven and is very low in concentration . So if you have this, you can get away with your body con short dress or crop top..

didi 825

I paired my black bralette with this oversized shirt that comes in handy at the beginning of the night as it gets chilly but with my punch, its going to get a bit hot so you can get away with just the top piece.

didi 752

With the versatility of bralettes, you could switch up to lace to add that statement to the outfit. I really love this cotton one because its easy to pair with almost anything and  has a bit of that front action.

didi 717

Wearing white can a bit of a pick especially if you’re a cluts. Wouldn’t want to spill anything on it now would we? So just be careful when it comes to white picks. I love these stretchy ripped pants that  can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. You could opt for black jeans as well since they are also easy to pair with.

didi 819

Personally, I think  blue jeans should be banned for the night life, although there are some that you can work with. Other than that , i think they should be left at home for those casual days out .

didi 709

I finished off the look with these denim peep toe heels that seemed just right , but a black pair would also do. With these tips, you are now ready to steady sip with the girls, catch up meet new people and  dance away in the neon lights.

didi 797

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do stay tuned for more, but most importantly ,stay safe!


       Sincerely, Didi



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