Happy Sunday everyone !

Can someone talk about how great the weather has been,save for some moody onsets ? It just makes me think of those Sunday sundaes with my family basking in the sun and whatnot …

Of late, I’ve been on an exploring spree trying to see visit new places that include me watching beautiful sunsets with my eyes steady to the horizon. And In the spirits of adventure , I always have to dress the part .

 If you know me , then you must know of my never ending love for shorts . They are my most definite go to when it comes to comfort and some leg stardom ofcourse !

Off the shoulder tops have been taking the streets by storm this season and I love this piece that’s somewhat in the same category but with a little rear action.

I seem to be incorporating more of striped pieces in my closet because they tend to accentuate your torso, and who doesn’t want that?? 

So for this look, I paired these shorts that I cut out from some old mom jeans and I folded them and ripped them up abit to add more detail to the shorts.

An easy way to pair your shorts would be with a nice pair of sandals or good sneakers . I went for these white shoes I got from ‘bata’ and they come in all colours and they are such life savers!

To finish off the look , I added this cap to add that sassy vibe and this jungle green belt as an accessory to the outfit .

I was quite pleased with the results of the overall entire look and I must say I was in love with the rear of this top for the much skin it had to show .

Mix and match your different pieces with different materials from the Levi material to the floral or plain shorts, It’s all about your comfort! 

This outfit is ideal for a good old game drive,hike,picnic you name it! With these few pointers, I hope you can be able to come up with more outfit ideas specifically for outdoor activities.

I hope you enjoyed this short post! Do stay tuned for more blog posts but most importantly ,stay safe .


   Sincerely, Didi


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