I was thinking, why not kick-start the weekend with the little black dress? Well, this essential that can pretty much take you anywhere is one of my closet fav! Word has it that the LBD wasn’t really formally identified as the shape of the future until 1926 when Vogue published a drawing of a Coco Continue Reading

The dad hat.

Happy Sunday everyone! We fell in love with the mom jeans. Next up, it’s time to wear our need to look like our parents on our heads, with the dad hat. Well, word has it that the cap is just  not the appropriate name for the new trend, hence the rebirth of these hats as Continue Reading


Hey hey hey! I bet this pretty face is familiar enough by now, since I’ve been leaving traces of her on some of my posts. Ringing any bells? If not, don’t worry I got you.Here’s a link to her blog Well, my sister and I were just from church and we decided to take a Continue Reading


Happy Sunday everyone! I must say that I am truly grateful to have been in England during the sprouting of autumn and beginning of winter. The interesting cloud patterns, beautiful autumn leaves and all other aspects of nature tickle my fancy. The weather was mostly chilly, so when there was seemingly no awkward weather patterns Continue Reading


Hello everyone! The fringe has always been an eye catcher. It always gets me thinking of the wild west. Although it creates a cool effortless look when worn , too much can make you look like a washed off hippy in a costume,trapped in a different world. You can spice up your crop game by Continue Reading


Happy new month everyone! The fact that we like flowers has been of great exceptional use to the flowers. We even build special houses to raise them in places they cant survive! Whether you are on the  giving or receiving end, flowers bring such happiness that demonstrates delight and gratitude. They also make intimate connections Continue Reading