Greetings to my readers! I bet by now you can tell that our warm weather is about to be traded for some rain showers. I am in love with these weather changes because earlier on Sunday evening, I was filled with child like excitement after seeing the rainbow with some splatter of rain. Embrace the changes! After all, it takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow!

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This brief post will feature, how to style your box braids! Box braids have always been a trend that most females do on their hair, but it gets pretty boring when all the beauty of the braids is just  plain  in a low pony tail. (Not that it is bad )

Hair braiding protects your hair by not allowing it to have split ends.It works for me because I have thick hair and its also a way of letting your hair grow out. Braiding also depends on the strength of your hairline, so with the heavy long twists and locks, there might be a small price to pay.

We are so lucky here in  Kenya that hair dressing doesn’t cost a pretty penny. I got mine done for Kshs 800 and the same would go for 100 dollars or 80 pounds in the U.S or U.K .Here’s a few tips to know how to rock this chic yet low-maintenance hair style.

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  1. Using an elastic ribbon ,tie your box braids in a high pony tail, pulling all the braids out of the loop, depending on what position you’d like your bow to be. I recommend the high pony tail so that the clarity and beauty of the bow is evident.
  2. Tie your box braids again in a second pony tail, but this time pull the braids halfway through the loop made by the ribbon, leaving the edges out. This will result in a high pony tail with the ends of the braids falling  a bit forward. Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
  3. Now, with the top of the pony tail, split the braids in half and make sure the halves are even so that the bow is well placed.
  4. After splitting the top of the pony tail in half, you will remain with excess hair falling down your forehead depending on the length of the braids. ( long braids are best )Take the remaining portion of hair that’s front facing and pass it over the space left after splitting the top of the pony tail and using a bobby pin or your fingers, keep the hair in place!

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See how simple it is to break the monotony and dare to be different? The thing I love about box braids is that they can last you up to 6 weeks if you take care of them. If you prefer a simple do, you can opt for short braids , but long braids are best for trying out all sorts of styles.

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For the perfect bow, ensure you have tucked in the remaining hair under your ribbon or use a bobby pin to hold the hair in place. You could also use edge control on your edges to bring out your facial structure , but I improvise with coconut and almond oil .

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I hope you’ve learnt a few tricks on how to style your box braids. Pick the hair colour that suits you and play around will all your styling options. Braids are my go to ,when it comes to hair style options and all you need is practice when it comes to styling them.

Stay tuned for more blog posts, like, share and click on the notify me button, but most importantly, stay safe.

Sincerely, Didi

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