Vintage Comeback.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Levis, my go to classics when it comes to denim pieces. I am so glad that certain vintage pieces dated from the 20th Century  are slowly coming back. Collecting and wearing vintage pieces certainly means that you will never run out of fashion ideas.



I am so lucky because such retro items are so close, yet so far. By that I mean, my mom’s closet. She tends to have a collection of her retro pieces from when she was younger but she is quite something  when it comes to me trying to borrow  a few things. These Levi’s however, I got from  Denim Kenya,  and you can follow the page on Instagram, at



In an effort to update your denim rotation, you could wear your denim jeans with silk , a striped tee, or even a plain tee. There are so many accent pieces  you can pair your jeans with, you just have to play with your sense of fashion! I decided to wear a black long sleeve crop top as my accent piece to bring out the deep colour of the jeans.  I love how the fabric of the cotton allows me to breathe, considering the tropical Kenyan heat .


Personally, I am in love with crop tops because they tend to accentuate my upper torso. The black blends in perfectly with the blue,and good thing about these jeans is that the fabric is  tough yes, but very comfortable when you wear them.

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I wore my braids in a bow,so as to bring focus on the look and face , not my hair. Since my crop top was a turtle neck, I did not want to throw in lots of accessories , because that would just seem out of place. I opted for my staple necklace and my watch to create a casual but sassy look.

img_1270  For the shoes, I went for my vintage buckle-up flats . This look would be perfect for a good old chill session with some friends or a luncheon or a feature as a video vixen in  a retro themed music video, only that you would need roller skates to top it all up.


See how it all blends in , and how each piece complements the other? That is what personal style is all about. Pick what goes well with your body size, assess your skin tone and mix and match! Its that easy.

I can’t go without emphasizing on how I adore these jeans. Thank you Jacob W. Davis & Levi Strauss for this wonderful invention! The pockets of these jeans are amazing.  They tend to work with all kinds of rears , flattering them.

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I hope you enjoyed this post! Be sure to get your own pair of denim pieces from  on Instagram . Stay tuned for more blog posts, like , share and click on the notify me button, but most importantly, stay safe.

    Sincerely, Didi

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