Cropped hoodies!

Hello everyone! Cropped knits typically evoke memories of the 90’s style heroines (hello Kate Moss). Recently, most ladies have been supporting these cut out knits in several different styles, especially after exhausting the over-sized sweater over the cold season. Don’t let anything come between you and your perfectly cropped hoodie.You could be striking and settle Continue Reading


Happy Easter everyone! Easter, being the most important holiday for Christians, is spent mostly with family and friends, occasionally in the event of feasting together.There is nothing I desire more than going down to London and celebrating this holiday with my mom,sisters , cousins, nephews and nieces. I would be deeply engrossed in the egg Continue Reading

Sheep in the big city!

What greater way to explore London than by the tube ? The London underground is a system of electric trains running through the city. The shortest tube journey between two stations is about 260 metres. The longest underground escalator is Angel, at 60 metres with a vertical rise of 27.5. You can imagine having to Continue Reading

Skirts n' sweaters

Happy Sunday everyone! Exclusively, sweaters and skirts are both storage room staples, however when paired, the two are relentless as the ideal season-to-season transitional matching. Cashmere wool, commonly known as cashmere, is a fiber acquired from cashmere goats and different sorts of goat. Normal use characterizes the fiber as wool however is finer and softer, giving its attributes Continue Reading

Wash day!

Hello everyone! Life is loaded with dull however important errands. As a sluggish natural, washday is high on my list. Amid different focuses in my natural life, the measure of time to wash down, detangle, and style my hair has extended before me as a vast no man’s island. I’ve spent hours in a stretch on my journey for Continue Reading


Happy Sunday to all my readers! Sun kissed- made brown/ warm by the sun.Taking pictures in direct sunlight can be a bit daunting .When  taking photos in direct overhead sunlight, you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve and skillfully try to work with your surrounding. For best results, the photographer could position Continue Reading


Greetings to my readers! I bet by now you can tell that our warm weather is about to be traded for some rain showers. I am in love with these weather changes because earlier on Sunday evening, I was filled with child like excitement after seeing the rainbow with some splatter of rain. Embrace the changes! Continue Reading

Vintage Comeback.

Happy Sunday everyone! Levis, my go to classics when it comes to denim pieces. I am so glad that certain vintage pieces dated from the 20th Century  are slowly coming back. Collecting and wearing vintage pieces certainly means that you will never run out of fashion ideas.   I am so lucky because such retro Continue Reading