My Hair Care Routine!

Taking care  of your natural hair tends to be a bit over-bearing, especially when the products cost you a pretty penny. Truth is, a great hair product is worth its weight in gold.

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My routine :

First, I start by pre-pooing my hair. Before i wash my hair, i ensure that I have divided my hair in sections , applying a mixture of naturally squeezed coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil and occasionally almond oil then  covering my hair for about an hour or so. To let it sink in.


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Tip: Oiling / pre- pooing your hair is one of the most important steps of hair care regime. It not only adds shine to your hair, but also helps in improving its health.

I then wash my hair with cold water. Hot water makes your hair rough and dry. For my shampooing products, I prefer the Herbal Essences hydrating shampoo with coconut scent. ( You can purchase it at any Nakumatt store.)

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After using shampoo, I condition my hair with the same brand conditioner, Herbal Essences Nourishing conditioner with Cupuacu Butter Scent. ( They are very affordable) .Since I don’t comb my hair, (i use my fingers) I then take some hair mayonnaise from Africa’s best and it contains cholesterol and tea-tree oil and gently massage it into my hair , reaching the base of my hair.

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I usually opt for Bantu knots and so before I retreat to my bed, i twist out my hair using a mixture of leave-in conditioner from Cantu , coconut oil and olive oil and cover my hair with a silk cloth so that the oil sinks in and not leak onto my pillow.

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This is how I get ready for school the next morning. I  carefully detangle  my Bantu knots  with my fingers , and this pulls out the knots gently. I then finger comb my hair and style it the way I want to and this lasts a week or two depending on your hair, but I throw in some coconut oil and olive oil after a three to four day interval, to keep my hair moistened.

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A little water doesn’t harm your hair.Your hair is like a plant, it needs moisture to grow. I usually sprinkle some water  on my hair  each morning before I am set for school and voila! It actually keeps my hair healthy and hair growth quite promising.

I hope you learnt a few tips and tricks. On my next blog post on hair, i will share my hair products. Explore different natural hair products and see what suits you best! I for one, am still  on the explore train and I can’t wait to share with you my experiences.

Stay tuned for more blog posts, like , share and click the notify me by mail section to get to know when I  post next, and most importantly, stay safe.

Sincerely, Didi.


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