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Hey hey hey!!!

I hope everyone’s week is going well!! Guess what !! The weekend is literally around the corner and I just can’t wait!! My week has been so hectic considering school and all? None the less, when it comes to my readers, I have to submit.

When I was in high school, in my fourth form I just woke up one morning and said I’m going to cut my hair. Truth is my relaxed hair was not so great. It was long yes ,but not as healthy.  I wanted to have a fresh start and go all natural.



So I’ve grown it for 1 1/4 years, and the growth rate is promising .My inspiration is a Kenyan life style and hair blogger Craving yellow and you can look her up on  and my goal one day is to grow my hair to 12″

What I do to my hair:

My hair is like my plant . I water it daily.

What it survives on as well is conditioner, coconut oil ( naturally squeezed not manufactured), Olive oil and for a while black Jamaican castor oil.


 Tip: when you buy your shampoos , make sure the ingredients don’t include sulphur or any sulphuric compounds because it’s not so healthy for your hair( in my opinion)

In other words , go organic!

On my next blog post on hair, I will share with you how I get my hair curled up and ready to go , and more tips and tricks concerning my hair.

For all my readers who have relaxed hair, FEAR NOT! I shall come forth to your rescue.

I’ll share some more tips from my bag of tricks and what to do and what not do do with your relaxed hair.

Some people look so good in natural hair others in their relaxed hair . you just need to be comfortable and confident and above all : treat your hair with utmost love and care .


Do stay tuned for more posts, and most importantly , stay safe.

                            Sincerely , Didi



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