Happy Sunday everyone! Autumn truly is what summer pretends to be, the best of all seasons . I love how the summer petals have by then, curled brown to mother earth hidden beneath a garland of scarlets and golds. There is a beautiful autumn spirit that you can feel among the Londoners, with autumn having Continue Reading

Mixn' it up !

Hello everyone ! Welcome to your very own cheat sheet to mixing and matching your wardrobe . I decided to use these tattered jeans and my striped crop top to show you how I mix and match my wardrobe . I use bridgetteraes.com three pong approach which she calls the base,accent and pop formula. The bases Continue Reading

The tattered jeans

The history of ripped jeans, is the most organic of all clothing style origins.What is now considered a trend , was the complete opposite earlier on. Ripped jeans were simply a result of over-wearing. Prior to the 70’s they were associated with the less fortunate or working class who could not afford to part with Continue Reading